How to Cure Diaper Rash

Whether it’s caused from a long car ride when baby sat in a dirty diaper too long, or from baby getting hot in her diaper during the 4th of July picnic, the rash is there.  And now that it has set up camp on your baby’s skin, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.  And it’s getter worse, fast.  These are some of the ways that I have found are particularly effective in getting rid of diaper rash–and you don’t have to do all of them.  Start with a few and you’ll find what works best for your baby.  And any combination of them will help no matter how bad the rash is.

  • Do not let baby sit in a wet or dirty diaper.  The minute it’s soiled, change it.  This might get expensive, but it makes a big difference.  A lot of diapers come with a little line down the diaper that changes color when the baby soils it.  Use those if you need to, and keep the baby in just a diaper and tee-shirt, so you can see every time the diaper needs to be changed.
  • Better yet, give baby a little bit of time au naturale.  If you can lay down a disposable absorbent pad, or even a waterproof mat, and let your baby air out, it will work wonders for her skin.  This is especially effective if you have a ceiling fan that you can turn on above the baby.  Wetness on the skin irritates the rash, and so letting your baby’s skin air dry will not only comfort baby, but will make curing the rash easier.  (Note: this one can’t really cure the rash, it’s more of a step to take to comfort baby and make the healing process easier).
  • Stop using baby wipes.  Sometimes the scent or even anti-bacterial properties of baby wipes (even the ones that say ‘natural’ on them) can irritate baby’s rash.  Instead, wet washcloths or paper towels with cool water when you need to cleanse baby.
  • Also, only wipe the baby if you have to, meaning if the baby pooped.  You don’t need to use a baby wipe on urine, and over-wiping will greatly prevent the rash from healing.
  • Use baby balm.  But not just any diaper balm!  Regardless of what brand you buy, you will often see 3 “active ingredients” and they are: Zinc oxide, Lanolin, and Petrolatum.  At first, Zinc oxide might seem like the better choice because it has that “medicinal vibe” to it. (Come on guys, puhleeease tell me I’m not the only one who senses that kind of vibe in things).  But I have found that the Lanolin/Petrolatum combination is the winner if you are trying to cure a rash.  Zinc oxide isn’t too bad with preventing the rash, but once it comes, you need to pull out the Lanolin/Petrolatum.
  • Last but not least–avoid scented things: scented baby lotion, scented baby diapers, obvi scented baby wipes, etc…because often diaper rash skin is broken, and those scents will irritate the rash and possibly (likely) sting baby.

I hope this helps!  If you have any more ways that you help your little one shake the diaper rash, share in the comments below!  Happy swaddling.