Round-up: April 2016



It’s almost time to say goodbye to April!  How is 2016 zooming by at the speed of light?  I dunno, but it just is.  I.  Can’t. Even.

I hope you had a lovely month.  I certainly did!  At the beginning of the month, I made a to-do wishlist…just basically things I was hoping to do.  These are the ones I accomplished!

  1. To visit to my Alma Mater!  It’s a little college in the Shenandoah River Valley.  I have only been back there once since my wedding there, and it was extra special because this time our baby girl was with us.  There is something so sweet and wonderful about going back to a place full of special memories, and bringing the little one who was just a twinkle in our eyes back when we were students there!
  2. Adopt a furbaby.❤  Only, we didn’t just adopt one furbaby.  When you can’t decide on which dog is best for you, sometimes that’s because there are two that are the best. ❤  I tell the whole story here.
  3. Try a new foundation brand. (hopefully IIID Foundation by Maskcara Cosmetics!)
  4. Introduce baby cereal to my little one.  Baby oatmeal was a big hit!  She likes it mixed with a her purees, like bananas or sweet potato.
  5. Begin editing my book.
  6. Finish watching Friends.  *sigh* I’m watching The Last One Part 1 & 2 tonight!
  7. Finish the prayer book I’m reading.  I have about 4 chapters left.  My takeaway from the book: it is the gift and place of a wife to pray constantly for her husband.
  8. Get our copy of Star Wars VII. <– that’s for my husband, I promise.:)  Got it. Watched it.  Worth it.
  9. Purchase a few new tees.
  10. Begin using my salt lamp for essential oils.  Ok, so I did start using my salt lamp!  But I use it less for essential oils (that’s what massages are for!!) and more for it’s nightlight glow and air purifying properties.

7/10 isn’t too bad, right?  I guess I can tack those three onto next month’s to-do list!

On top of those things though, my month had a few other highlights, but mostly just the regular every-day happiness that is life.  Even though traveling can be a bit of a headache, I definitely enjoy road trips with my family.  There is something so fun about being cozied up in the car with those you love and all the “essentials.”  Also, my little one started crawling this past week, which is more like a combination between scooting and an Army low-crawl (who did she learn THAT from?).  Not sure if I’ve mentioned it or not but I’m semi-fluent in French…and so this month I got hooked on DuoLingo and have been using it to brush up on the language (read: to compete with family members).  🙂  Last but not least, I delved a little deeper into my love for essential oil in picking out lavender as my new massage oil.

What did you do in April?  I would love to know!!!

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything”-  William Shakespeare, Sonnet XCVIII


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