My No Ma(y)ke-up Challenge


This is crazy, but I’m doing it.  Today, as I was reflecting, I thought about how it would be really great if I spent less money.  My husband doesn’t mind when I buy makeup, skin, and hair products whenever I get the urge, but sometimes, I do.  He is always so careful to not splurge on himself, but since I consider makeup a “necessity” of life, I don’t really think I’m splurging on myself when I buy makeup.  But I kinda am.  If I didn’t have a nice bountiful collection of makeup, I might feel differently.  But you guys know the truth.   I buy.  I spend.  I haul.  So in honor of the fact that I appreciate how my husband isn’t a splurger, I’m going to try it out for a month too.

I’m still going to wear makeup for all of May, if that’s what you’re wondering.  But, my No Ma(y)ke-up challenge is that FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY, I WON’T BUY ANY *NEW* MAKEUP PRODUCTS.  The little unimportant asterisks around the word ‘new’ are because if I run completely out of a product I wear daily, I wouldn’t consider replacing it to be splurging.  But what I’m NOT going to be buying is “the latest shade of Milani blush” or “that eyeliner that I saw on that one Youtuber’s video” or 5 new shades of nail polish just because.

*GASP*  Surely saving money can’t be a big enough of a motivation to give up buying makeup this month.  NO WORRIES PEOPLE, IT’S NOT THE ONLY REASON.  Of course, a big benefit to this will be saving money for our summer trips, anniversary gifts, and potential moving costs.  But my secret motivation is that I want to focus LESS on makeup and MORE on skincare and hair.

I think having beautiful skin and amazing hair would be lovely.  I want to spend more time on my skin this month, and less time on covering it up with makeup.  *Again, NO WORRIES, I will still be wearing makeup all month*  But I recently bought a facial steamer, and some radiance serum, and I’m just getting really excited about focusing my attention on my skin.  And my hair.  I will be getting a new serum from my salon this week and I couldn’t be more excited.  I also switched shampoo/conditioner brands and have been loving it.  I really feel like my hair and my skin deserve some special, undivided attention.

And so…in the spirit of saving my money and imitating my husband’s self-restraint, I am dedicating all my beauty energy in May to taking care of my skin and my hair.  I’ll let you know at the end of May how it all went, what I learned, and what products helped me in my journey!! Until then, wish me luck!  And comment below if you’d like to join me in my “No Ma(y)ke-up Challenge!”


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