Adopting Twin Furbabies


This post is dedicated to the two new little fur babies who have already left little paw prints on our family’s heart.  We love you guys!

Two weeks to the day we met the two most perfect and adorable puppies ever.  This post is all about them.  Though this is just their adoption story, I have a lot more to share about them.

❤ ❤ ❤

My husband and I are total dog lovers.  We had been talking about adopting a dog for a long time (read: every single day searching ads, animal shelter postings, etc. and talking about it for hours).  Even though there were a couple breeds we were specifically attached to, what we were REALLY attached to was the idea of a dog who was loving and gentle, playful yet lazy, sweet but silly, and above all, well-mannered.  Does that even sound like a dog?

Anyway, it was a particularly well-weathered late afternoon that we came upon an ad for two labrador retrievers that needed a home.   Like all the other ads before, we innocently clicked on the link, but instantly, our hearts were melted.  On the screen was a selfie of two labs wearing birthday party hats.  O. M. Gee.

Two dogs?  We had talked about how fun that would be.  But we never thought that could ever really happen.  I mean, once you have a dog, does it mind you getting another?  And what age is a good age to introduce the second dog?  Does gender matter?  But these two dogs were ALREADY BONDED BUDDIES.  They could be our ‘his’ and ‘her’ dogs.  They could be “the more the merrier” dogs.  THEY COULD BE OUR NEW TWIN FURBABIES.

So on March 30th, their owners brought them over to our apartment for a first meeting.  And that meeting was all we needed to know that they were the perfect dogs for us.  Loving…as in they follow us around the house.  Gentle…as in they leave the baby alone.  Playful…as in they attempt to play fetch.  Lazy…as in they sleep in our bedroom til noon sometimes.  Sweet…as in they love to cuddle beside our couch.  Silly…as in they go crazy for water.  Well-mannered…as in they will lay in the kitchen without begging once.

Meet Samson and Benson.  They are our two new fur babies and we just love them so much.  Adopting them was the best decision we have made in 2016!

Samson is a yellow lab.  He is older than Benson, but sometimes acts like the baby of the two.  He loves attention but is happy to sleep for 4 hours straight without moving.  With a true lab heart, he loves family time.  Benson is the black lab.  He is actually the baby of the two, and can definitely act like it.  He’s a great guard dog, and loves to keep our family safe.  Don’t let his 100lbs of muscle fool you though–he is a great cuddler.

Even though our family always felt like we needed a dog, what we really needed was two.  We are so blessed to have these two furbabies in our life!  They really do give the family an extra dimension of cuddles, licking, outings, and a good time.


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.


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