Fashion Haul: Charlotte Russe


In case you missed my last post, lately I’ve been getting inspired by minimalism and wardrobe capsules.  In case you also missed it, I seem to struggle with the part about MINIMALIZING.  I’ll get there one day.  It’s not like I haven’t tried.  I’ll see an inspiring closet pin and I’m like, “I really need to do that.” And so I go to Charlotte Russe to buy clothes. Ahem, to START minimializing and capsuling. By buying more clothes. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

The thing is, in order to be an effective minimalist, I have to love the few things that I have. Same goes for a wardrobe capsule–I have to have functional items. And apparently right now my thousands of pieces of clothing aren’t worthy of a minimalist capsule. And so I went and bought some.

Here are my 4 pieces:


$10. It’s a tee with a nice slouch on both sides of the hem. Perfect for leggings!


$10. Same style, different color!


$6. Need I say more?? This is a cotton tube skirt (I think they call it a body con skirt). I love the pencil silhouette (which my hanger does injustice to) and the material. Finally, a pencil skirt that is super comfortable and can be worn below the waist line without looking baggy!


$6. And of course a black version of the same body con skirt–bc this couldn’t be my fashion haul without a black skirt! Lol

The thing I love about these pieces is that they can comfortably mix and match with eachother, as well as with many of my other clothes! That means that I’m well on my way to having a real minimalist fashion capsule, right?! Or at least, I just took one fashionable foot forward in the right direction. 😀




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