My Faux Fashion Capsule


It’s been a little while since I bought new clothes. (Read: two weeks) Which means that all my clothes feel old and out-dated and just not “my style.” Am I the only one who constantly has style-identity-crisis? One Fall, I am totally into ponchos and leggings and then the next fall its like, skirts, tights, and sweaters ONLY. Ugh.

The real issue comes in when you end up changing your “style” each season, for 4 or 5 years in a row. And hardly get rid of any clothes between seasons. But you keep buying more. Then when you move to college, you have the excuse of having extra clothes because you keep bouncing back and forth between the dorm and your parent’s house and so nobody can keep track of how much clothes you *actually* own. So you have too many clothes and you get away with it.

I remember one time as a teenager, having 4 closet spaces and being relieved. My dad called me “Elizabeth Taylor” when we were moving because um…I guess it was kinda a lot of clothes for one person. Poor dad, I am only one of six daughters. He had a lot of clothes to move. Anyway, apparently in the brand new house he bought, the closet bar wasn’t sturdy enough for two sisters to hang up their clothes together–especially when one of the two said sisters used to have 4 closets. NEEDLESS TO SAY THE POPPING SOUND COMING FROM OUR CLOSET WAS THE SHELF WIRING COMING OUT OF THE WALL AND RIPPING THE HOUSE’S DRYWALL. Oops.  Personally, I think daughters are great.

Moving on.

I’ve been browsing Pinterest, getting inspired by minimalism and wardrobe capsules, and now I’m like, “Hey, I could/should do that!”  And so I go to Charlotte Russe to buy clothes. Because who doesn’t need a good arsenal of clothes in order to start a capsule?!

Here’s the truth:  I don’t actually want a REAL capsule.  And I’m not a minimalist.  But I’m inspired by the idea of having clothes that I love, that fit me well, that are beautiful, and that make me happy to wear.  And that aren’t completely OVERSHADOWED by drawers and drawers of clothes that I don’t like at all and never ever wear.  The little issue is that I hate getting rid of clothes, even said drawers of clothes that I’ll never wear.  It’s just so hard to say goodbye to a shirt I might need ONE DAY.  Honestly, I have to think of giving the shirt away as an act of charity in order to part with it.  Otherwise it will sit in my dresser FOREVER.

Solution to all these problems: the Faux Fashion Capsule.  Let me explain, since I made that concept up.  It’s truly a capsule because you have a limited selection of clothing in your drawer, each piece being multifunctional, good-fitting, beautiful, quality, and a top-favorite.  But here is where the faux-part comes in.  All the other pieces of clothing get bagged up and set aside for the next season.  Obvi don’t pack up things that are dated, misfitting, not “your color” etc.  (Donate those)  The point is to bag up those “options” that you are having a hard time getting rid of, but don’t want to keep in your daily closet.  Knowing that you have this back-up bag of options can make you (read: ME) feel more comfortable about downsizing your wardrobe.   And you can always pull them out when the seasons change and you’re looking for a way to mix-up your wardrobe.

The big bonus here?  If you can’t actually remember what’s in the bag of “options” after a month or two, or haven’t missed them once, go ahead and just donate the bag to charity because OBVIOUSLY you truly are ready for a real capsule wardrobe and more importantly, someone else would love to wear what you don’t want!  Basically, think of the faux capsule as a graduation program– it works you up to getting a real capsule!

Here is the million dollar question.  Will I have the willpower to accomplish this?  I HOPE SO.  KEEP ME MOTIVATED.



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