April 2016


April showers bring May flowers!  I’m hopeful about every day, but I have a particular list of things that I hope April brings!  This month, I want:

  1. To visit to my Alma Mater!
  2. Adopt a furbaby. ❤
  3. Try a new foundation brand. (hopefully IIID Foundation by Maskcara Cosmetics!)
  4. Introduce baby cereal to my little one.
  5. Begin editing my book.
  6. Finish watching Friends.
  7. Finish the prayer book I’m reading.
  8. Get our copy of Star Wars VII.  <– that’s for my husband, I promise. 🙂
  9. Purchase a few new tees.
  10. Begin using my salt lamp for essential oils.

That’s it!  I hope I can get some/most/all of them done!  When I publish my May list, I’ll let you know how April went. 🙂  What’s your plans this month?




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