Brick Walls


I just wanted to stop in and talk about walls for a minute…

There are lots of kinds.  There are the kind that are around us physically: i.e….house walls.  And then there is the invisible ones that can come and go all around us– walls we put up around ourselves, or walls that people put up for us.  Let’s talk about a few common walls:

  • Self-Doubt walls.  Sometimes there is an invisible wall around us that is doubt.  We doubt that we are good enough.  We doubt we could “handle” something.  We doubt that something will work out.

Tear down time: Tear down that wall because you need to be your biggest cheerleader! And if you stink at cheering yourself on, run your self-doubt by someone who does cheer for you…someone you trust!  Just remember to TRY something before you’re sure it won’t work.

  • Stereotype walls.  These are walls that people project on us.  Since you’re X, you must also be XX.  Since you aren’t good at Y, you probably aren’t good at Z.

Tear down time:  These walls deserve to be torn down because they just aren’t fair.  It’s okay to be frustrated when people pigeon-hole us, but it’s better to just educate people about what the truth is.  A lot of time when someone assumes something about you, it’s not for malicious reasons.  People just like to “know” and so even when they don’t “know” the truth, they try to by projecting their opinion of the situation.  Bottom line: don’t be walled in by someone else’s opinions…you know what’s right!  Be yourself and the truth about you will shine.

  • Uncreative walls.  I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who really GETS this one.  Sometimes there is a wall to our creativity.  Maybe it’s because we aren’t in a creative mood.  Maybe it’s because something is really on our mind.  Maybe it’s because we just got through a SUPER creative moment/project and so now we feel drained.

Tear down time: Just remember, uncreative walls are very flimsy and don’t last long.  So don’t be discouraged!  Do something that inspires you (looking at pinterest pics, working on a favorite project, trying something randomly new) and sooner or later those creative juices will start flowing!

  • Fear walls.  This is a lot like the self-doubt walls, except you aren’t really fearing your own failure, you’re letting something else out there intimidate you.  I feel like this is a regular one for me!  You let something really get to you.  The WORST kind of fear is the anticipation fear…when you’re anxious about something that may or may not EVEN HAPPEN.  You guys, this sounds silly even as I type it!  But it’s a real wall.  Sometimes the “scariest” thing out there is the thing that is completely fictional and imaginary.

Tear down time: My best advice here is to push down those fear walls because its SUCH a shame to waste precious real time and limit yourself based on something that isn’t even real.  Remind yourself what IS true and that fears are just fears–they aren’t actually anything tangible or real.  Yes, it’s important to be cautious and thoughtful.  But living in fear or giving yourself anxiety is just letting “projected emotions” rule over reality and the truth.

  • Ignorance walls.  Sometimes, the biggest wall can be a lack of understanding.  Miscommunication with someone, whether its a spouse, or friend, etc, can lead to issue walls.  (And those are issue walls that shouldn’t be there–because the issue is imaginary!)  Ignorance can be the worst enemy!

Tear down time:  If you are having a lot of frustrations with a person, or even a fact of life going on in the world, stop and try to learn about the situation.  Examine who said what.  Learn what is fact and what is public opinion.  If the ignorance is between you and a person, it’s perfectly fine to even bring up the fact that you feel there is a lack of understanding going on.  Try to dig deeper and tear down those walls of ignorance.  It can help you come to terms with something, and will help you in your relationships!  The ignorance always blocks the truth from being apparent.  Don’t let the ignorance muddle!

  • Negativity walls.  I know I said the other walls can be bad, but this might be the worst wall.  Negativity can be so crippling.  It can completely wall you in and smother you.

Tear down time:  It is so so so so so so so important to take care of yourself when you’re feeling negative.  Don’t blame yourself for feeling negative, it’s more important to focus on fixing it!  If you are feeling negative, turn on your very favorite song.  Pour yourself a mug of coffee or grab two pieces of your favorite chocolate and take a moment to think of 3 things that you have in life that make you really happy.  Then think of 3 things that you would love to accomplish/get in life, and what 3 baby steps you could take towards those.  Then proceed with taking those baby steps.  Sometimes, the VERY best way to stop feeling negative is to focus on someone else.  When you think you have it bad, reaching out to someone else will quickly help you realize that there are so many more people worse off, and helping them will bring you (and them!) the positivity missing.  Put a motivating quote on your fridge or mirror or steering wheel.  It will help you be more positive, and in turn, will help you shine to those around you.  It will help you shine inside out. ❤

Are there any walls I’m missing?  What’s your method for tearing down these kinds of walls?  What kind of things do you like to build up in life?


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