DIY Housebug Repellent


Hello there!  Hopefully you read my Liebster Award post and got to know me a little bit better.  But in addition to that, I can help you know me better by sharing a not-so-secret-fact about me: I HATE BUGS.  Not really all bugs.  I think butterflies and moths are beautiful.  Worms are helpful.  Dragonflies are intriguing.  But I loathe…and I mean LOATHE… (no actually, that’s such an understatement)…I hate (can I even make myself type it?)….I HATE HATE HATE S..P…I….D….E…R….S…….UGH I HATE THEM SO MUCH.  In all honesty, I actually have arachnophobia.  It’s like a clinical fear/hatred of spiders.  And I really have it.  No, we’re not going to go into stories here.  But I have them.  And they are bad.  I have BAD spider stories that we aren’t going to talk about.

What we ARE going to talk about is this DIY house bug repellent that I recently made.  It’s made with water and one essential oil: peppermint.  Now usually, I never ever use water as the thinner for my essential oil blends.  Because, duh, oil floats.  Talk about not really mixing anything! lol  But the thing is, I am using this spray on door frames and household areas, and I can’t afford to have oil slicks on them.  If I mixed a carrier oil into this, I was going to be leaving oil all over my house.  Thus, water and peppermint became the blend.


What you’ll need:

  • Tap water
  • Peppermint essential oil (I prefer organic and I like the brand ‘Plant Therapy’)
  • A glass bottle with a spray cap

The recipe blend is pretty simple.  For every 1 ounce of water, you need 2 drops of essential oil.


  1. Step One:  Pour 8oz. of tap water into a glass bottle.  Be sure that it is a glass bottle and not a plastic one, because the essential oil will eat through a plastic bottle.  Side note–a plastic hose/nozzle is fine, but the bottle part that the oils will be resting in needs to be glass.


2. Step Two: Add 16 drops of peppermint essential oil.

3. Step Three: Tighten cap, and shake vigorously.

4.  Step Four: Spray your door frames, window sills, floor cracks, and any other areas where you think that a spider might travel. (UGH I CAN’T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT YOU GUYS)

This spray is not intended to kill said bugs.  This is just supposed to deter them from entering your house.  Peppermint oil is an absolute  ENEMY to spiders.  They cannot stand the smell.  At all.  And so if you apply this liberally to your doors and windows, you will save yourself the scare, heart attack, and sheer terror of having any unwanted 8-leg visitors.


As a final note, to all my fellow phobics out there, I never ever spend a day without this amazing “bug beeper” plugged in.  It is an noninvasive, chemical-free way to keep your house bugless.  It sends out sound waves at a frequency that drives bugs away and I ABSOLUTELY hands-down can testify that this has stopped bugs in their tracks and kept my living space safe and livable and pleasant and non-terrorized.  I wish these were free so that the whole world would get them and plug them in and bugs would go away forever.

Okay, so that is all.  Now go out and make sprays and protect your home!  And get that bug beeper and plug it in! 🙂




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