Today’s Manicure


So, I really want to grow my nails out.  But by “grow them out” what I really mean is not having them be so short.  I don’t honestly like long nails, they feel like talons. haha And I actually prefer the look of shorter nails.  Maybe it’s because I have long fingers, and so long nails make me look like my hands are 4 feet long. 😀  Regardless, I like my nails short, but not as short as they are right now!  Polishing my nails always seems to fix that for me– it’s like I get a sneak preview of what my nails COULD look like if I would just take care of them a little bit. lol  It encourages me to take the steps to let them grow and look good.  So here is today’s nail look:

I start with one coat of clear base coat.  Read about my base coat opinions.  They are strong.


Then I apply two coats of polish.


Then I finish off with a top coat.  Again, strong feelings about this one.


And that’s it!  Polish Color of the Day: OPI’s Strawberry Margarita.  Fun fact:  One time I accidentally smashed a bottle of this on a driveway at a beach rental.  It totally stained the cement.  #rentalhouselife

What nail polish are you wearing today?


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