My Current Primers


I’m not one of those people who are ADDICTED to primers.  I think they are helpful, and my skin feels better when they are on (or is it that I feel better about my skin when they are on…) but I still wouldn’t classify my attraction to them as an addiction.  We will save that term for the more die-hard necessities.  Like MASCARA.  And EYELINER.  I digress.


My current face primer is the Maybelline Master Prime by Face Studio– and I’m using the Blur + Illuminate version.   It’s the primer I put over my toner and moisturizer, but under any foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder, bronzer, etc.   My primary reason (hehe, primary…get it?) for wearing primer is that I want a protective layer between my foundation and skin, so that the foundation clings to a sheer mask on my skin, and not my actual pores themselves.  This product does that for me, and so I have enjoyed using it.  Does it preserve your makeup for a full 24 hours?  No, but that’s not a priority for me when it comes to primers.

The FEEL:  Some primers are “silicone-y” while others are “creamy” and I find this one to be on the creamer side.  It does not leave your face tacky, and absorbs into the skin the way a moisturizer would.  On a frivolous side note, it has an ever so slight rose smell, which I love.  And the product itself is tinted pink.  Um…CUTE!  I haven’t noticed it change my skin color though, it just “illuminates” it a bit by making my skin look more fresh and blowy.


My current eye primer is the Mary Kay Eye Primer.  Its scentless, dries quickly, and holds eye color on pretty well.  I have to say that I like this, but like the Maybelline, it’s not a MIRACLE product.  Depending on my eye makeup, I have still had crease lines at the end of the day, even when wearing this primer.  However, I do feel like it holds the colors on my lid better than if I wasn’t wearing it at all.  I also wouldn’t say that it makes my colors POP the way that some primers do.  It’s basically just coats my eyes to protect my pores from absorbing the oils and pigments of eye color…which is all I need it for anyways.

The FEEL: It has a thicker consistency than the Maybelline face primer, but I don’t mine because I put it on such a small part of my face that I don’t need it to spread thin.   And It’s white, not pink.  😦  But it dries absolutely clear.

All in all, would I repurchase both primers?  Yes, I would.  But would I be willing to try different primers?  Absolutely!  So leave me a comment below if you have a favorite to recommend.


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