Beauty Review: Bronzer


Even though eyeliner and mascara are my two favorite makeup products (okay and c’mon eyeshadow is LEGIT), there is a special place in my heart for bronzer.  It was my first “face sculpting” product and I wore it when I felt “grown-up” for the first time at my graduation dinner at college. *let’s ignore the fact that I didn’t feel grown up until THE VERY END OF COLLEGE*  *we all mature differently* *some of us, not very much at all*  *this is a judgment free blog, people*

Saturday was one of those Army days when my husband had to go in at 5:30am and he came home around 11pm.  Airborne.  Whoo-hoo.  But we love it.  So, my daughter and I spent some quality mommy-baby time doing shopping on Saturday to distract us from missing daddy. I was at Tuesday Morning in the bath aisle when I discovered Physician’s Formula bronzers for only $4.99!  Totally felt like Christmas.


This winter, I have been a big fan of sweaters and cable.  So I obvi had to get the cabled bronzer.  Cabled bronzer, was that even a thing before this product??  I don’t know, but what I do know is that I love it.  *excuse me while I get my inner-knitting-nerd on*  You see, there is a super cute basket-weave pattern on each end of the palette.  Running down the middle is a cute stripe of bronzer in a stockinette pattern, and beside that is a goldy-sparkle tone cabled stripe. *nerdy knitting snort*

And if that weren’t enough, let’s talk about the actual product.  The Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear bronzer.  In Light Bronzer 7337.  An Ultra-smoothing Bronzer.  With 100% Pure Cashmere Extract.  In case you haven’t heard of perfection before, let me explain what this means.  Your skin is softened and conditioned when you wear this bronzer because of the cashmere extract.  As in, your makeup nourishes your skin.  NEED I SAY MORE.  I will.  There is also Sodium Hyaluronate in it, which also moisturizes and smooths your skin.  Moral of the story: this product is a wonder product.


The color.  The bronzer has an attractive brown color that is tempered with a slight grey undertone.  The fancy word for that apparently is “pearlescent” and that it helps diffuse fine lines and wrinkles.  All I know is that its the perfect color with that bronze-grey combo and creates a more natural looking shadow than those orange-based bronzers.  Side note: Don’t feel bad if you have worn a bronzer like that before.  We have all been Miss Pumpkin-Cheeks at one point or another.  (not just me…right??! halp).  There’s a time and place for everything.  Except pumpkin cheeks.


Moving on.  The packaging is thoughtful too.  It’s a dark brown board box with a clear film and decorative tassel.  The palette is tightly fixed in the box, and so there are no issues with it popping out.  The bottom of the box opens up to reveal a mirror and bonus brush.   But back to the main point–THE TASSEL.

Bottom Line–This is my new all-time favorite bronzer.  Even though I will always have a special sentimental attachment to Maybelline’s Fit Me bronzer (first bronzer ever!…the one that made me feel grown up…that one)  I now have a new go-to bronzer.  I can’t imagine liking any bronzer more than this one.  But if you think you know one that could rival it, I’d love to know so leave a comment below!

Stay bronze my people!


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