Update That At-Home Mani


When I think of manicures, I think of luxury, comfort, beauty, and style all wrapped up into 10 tiny little works of art.  But as much as I love getting my nails done…LIFE HAPPENS.  Life=showering and dishes and cute babies and giving said cute babies a bath and doing laundry and just in general doing aquatic activities that strip the polish off my nails in a heartbeat.  So I almost always paint my own nails.   Not because the nail polish comes off slower (it doesn’t, I lost my at-home manicure super quickly) but because it’s cheaper so I don’t feel so bad when 24hrs later, my nails look as bare as before they were polished.   I’m not great at giving myself professional designs (that’s something I want to get into!) but I do like to make my polish look “salonified” with two simple products.


Before I begin polishing my clean, filed nails, I like to put on a base layer.  It helps fill in the natural ridges of the nail bed, giving your nails a smoother finish when polished.  It also protects your nail beds from the paint, and can even hydrate or strengthen your nail beds.  You can use any brand, but lately I have been loving the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Smooth and Strong base layer.

After that dries, I apply my two coats of colored paint, as usual.  *insert story about favorite nail polish*  <–  That is something I can’t do, because I don’t have a favorite nail polish.  Which is really sad, because my collection is massive.  I have some SERIOUS affection for my Charming Charlie polish and my Ulta Glitter.  Hmm…maybe a separate post about those guys?!?  Eeep!


Then, to finish off the manicure, I like to use the Strengthening Top Coat from the Sally Hansen line “Advanced Hard As Nails.”  Again, there is a variety of top coats to choose from, but I like this one because it adds a professional gloss to my nails and helps my polish stay on WAY longer than if I polish without it.  Once that dries, the look is complete and your manicure is “salonified!”

An added bonus to using a base layer and top coat:  it is SO MUCH EASIER to take off your polish if you have the paint sandwiched between a base layer and a finishing top coat.  Especially if you have a habit of peeling off your polish.  In your husband’s car.  When you’re wearing dark purple polish and the interior of his car is light grey.  And he just recently vacuumed.  Recently as in yesterday.  Okay, I need to stop talking now.

Oh yeah, one last thing, this post was not sponsored by Sally Hansen.  Though I wouldn’t mind if it was! haha


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