My Go-to Pencil Eyeliner


I remember it like it happened yesterday.  My cousin and I hadn’t seen each other in a few years.  She walked into my grandma’s house and my makeup dreams burst into full-Disney mode and I was singing.  What was that GORGEOUS black smudging on her eyes??  She had put a heavy dose of silky black perfection on her eyes–it was dark, trendy, effortless, fab, feminine and TOTALLY gorge.  I had to have.  She wasn’t allowed to leave my grandma’s house until I had the name/brand/color…basically a CLUE as to where I could get my hands on that eyeliner look.

I stalked her and cornered her and popped the question.  “Girl, I love your eyeliner.  Where did you get it?” I asked casually.  Inside my head was screaming, “BECAUSE I REALLY NEED TO BUY IT.”  I smiled all calm and collectedly.
“Oh, it’s just Maybelline.  I get it in ebony.”   She said it just as casually, but she was actually nailing the casual-thing.  I said some kind of low-key response and then secretly died of happiness inside.  SOON, the makeup look would be mine.

And let me tell you, this was not one of those situations where it “seemed” like it’d be a good idea, but didn’t end up working out.  No, guys.  This crayon is AMAZING.  It is always a good idea.  I have basically been wearing it for 9 years.  Now I just made myself sound old.  Actually, I started wearing makeup at a young age.  Kinda.  I need to stop talking now.

Allow me to introduce you to Maybelline Define-A-Line Eye Liner.


It is in no way a new product of Maybelline’s.  (see my above paragraph)  But it’s a timeless eyeliner IMHO.  It is creamy and glide-y, just like pencil liners should be.  It does have a sharpener, but since it is a retractable pencil, you never have to worry about sharpening it and than gouging your eye out with said sharpened pencil.  I wouldn’t say that this pencil ever achieves extreme pointy-ness (is that a word?) but it does sharpen and I think for a retractable pencil it has good shaping.  Sometimes it even self-shapes depending on how you tilt it and press it to your eye.  Yes, it is really that creamy of a formula.  You guys.


It also has a smudger which is basically a little foam bauble at the end of the liner stick.  It works well to smudge your liner if you’re going for that look.  And the great thing is, this liner can either be precise, or effortlessly messy.  So versatile.  So trendy.  So NECESSARY.


I literally can’t say enough about this eyeliner.  So instead, let me just tell you that you need this eyeliner in your life.  Right now.  Your eyes deserve it.  So do you!





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