Less than Luminated Lumi



It’s supposed to make me glow.  But it makes me look like I rubbed chalk on my cheeks.  Its powdery, cakey, and just plain white.

I bought the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator to do what illuminators are supposed to do–give me a fresh, dewy glow.  But it doesn’t do anything nearly close to that!   In it’s defense, I am not totally loving the NYX HD Finishing Powder that I use to set my face, and so I know that could contribute to the dissatisfaction.  But still, we can’t be blaming NYX for the L’Orral Lumi when no matter how I wear it, my “illumination” comes off looking like a chalkboard accident.  And you guys, ugh…I hate looking like an accident.


I bought it in Rose (N202).  There are four compartments: a pearl white, a cashmere light, a tea rose, and a dusty rose color.  I feel like they are pretty comparable to each other…I don’t see much of a difference at all between them when they are on the skin.  When you swatch them, they all look white.  And they have a sparkle to them, not a dewy quality.  But when you actually apply them on your face, you hardly even get a sparkle.  It’s just white dust.

And unfortunately, it ain’t pixie dust.


To be fair, I think the packaging is pretty cute.  The colors look glossy enough in the box.  It has a double opening palette, meaning one layer opens for the illuminator and then a bottom layer opens where the brush is stored.  Cute!

But don’t be fooled by the cuteness.  It is not my friend, and I am warning you not to try to make it yours.  But, speaking of friends……. Friends, please help me find a good illuminator!


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