Liquid Eyeliner Letdown


I have to tell you how sad I am about writing this post.  I LOVE Maybelline’s soft crayon eyeliner.   The Define-a-Line.  It’s life.  I have been wearing it almost every single day for 8 years.  It is soft, blends out well, stays on for hours, is semi-waterproof (I can watch it and have a laugh attack and cry and still be wearing it by the end of that little episode).  It comes in a variety of shades and is at a good price-point.  Can I gush anymore?

But.  Their liquid eyeliner.  *Sigh* I have to tell you about it.

My BELOVED liquid eyeliner (the one I’ve been wearing for about 6 years) is now a discontinued product.  –it was a Mary Kay product, for anyone wondering– And my eyes were tossed out on the streets…jobless, eyeliner-less, afraid, and alone.  I had to save them; I had to line them.

Enter my favorite CRAYON eyeliner brand: Maybelline.  But enter this liner: Eye Studio Master Duo 2-in-1 Glossy Liquid Liner.  Disaster.  The brush was too odd of a shape.  It was paddle-shaped, so that if you turned it on it’s side it was thin, but if you kept it flat it was wide.  It was like writing with a calligraphy quill on your eye, one false turn of the pen and your font turns out 5 times thicker.  Also, the ink.  I hated it.  It was streaky, as in thin, and didn’t cover my skin nicely or flawlessly.  The worst part was definitely the longevity of the bottle.  After less than a week, my ink well already felt dry.  As did my spirits.

After a brief (read: YEAR LONG) stint with Elf liquid liner, I decided to go back and try Maybelline.  They are so good–I probably got a bum bottle with the Master Duo, I reasoned.  I should give them another try.  Enter: Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner.


Enter: Lingering, renewed disappointment.  Everything that went wrong with the Maybelline Duo liner happened again.  There again was the issue with the streaky ink…and the fact that it acts like a desert on your brush the minute you dip it into the ink pot.  It’s just a drier-type of product with thin coverage.  The color, despite being labeled as black, comes out as a weakly grey.

It’s ONLY saving grace is brush.


The felt tip brush (pen) is the high note of the product.  It’s not amazing compared to every eyeliner brush out there, but in relation to the rest of this product, it’s not bad.  And it’s a vast improvement over the duo brush, but still too clunky for liquid liner.   IMHO.  I just didn’t like how thick the end of the pen is for creating winged eye looks.  Just a little too rounded.  Again, IMHO.

So anyway…does this give me an excuse to go makeup shopping??  Um, I mean, jusssst eyeliner shopping.  If you have a good liquid liner brand to recommend, PLEASE DO SO.  These are desperate times, people, and I need your help.


4 thoughts on “Liquid Eyeliner Letdown

  1. i’m in search of a good eyeliner myself!
    but mainly for practice, i’m not mastering an winged look yet 😀
    too bad this didn’t work! hope you find a great one next time!

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