Sea Breeze vs. Burt’s Bees

I can’t believe I’m doing this.  I can’t believe that anything could hold a candle to my well-loved Burt’s Bees line of skincare.  But Sea Breeze kinda does…well, okay, ONLY in regards to toners and ONLY ONLY in regards to what toners are for.

I am a long-time Burt’s Bees lover.  The natural ingredients, the gentle honey smells, the buttery texture of their creams…ooh, it gets me every time!  It was a no-brainer to go for their toner.  I get their Radiance Toner with royal jelly (it’s the special food that the worker bees bring the queen bee, who lives 40x longer than the rest of the bees…it’s supposed to have anti-aging and luxury properties.)  I love it.  A cold silky cotton pad of it right before bedtime, before I moisturize…perfection.  It has a slightly herbal smell that is delightful.  It is gentle and has absolutely no “astringent” feel to it.  It’s the best toner I have ever used.

It was a simple little story as to how I stumbled across the Burt’s Bees Radiance Toner.  After using up my Mary Kay toner, I thought I might switch things up and try a new toner.  *Discovers that Burt’s Bees makes a toner*  *Buys it*  *LOVES it*  *Begins to run out of said-toner*  *THERE IS NONE LEFT IN THE STORE*  So I try Sea Breeze.  Oh my.

The first time I put Sea Breeze on my face…OUCH.  It felt like I had squirted a bottle of toothpaste on my face like it was shaving cream and then pretended to shave it off with my toothbrush….not that…I ever did that…when I was a little kid.  Ahem.  I thought I had been lied to.  I had heard Sea Breeze was a “good” toner.  The bottle said “Classic Clean” not “Acidic and Destructive.”  And it said that it was SENSITIVE SKIN….uh, yeah maybe if you have non-penetrable elephant skin.  Let’s just say, I was NOT a fan of how “tingly” and “DEEEEEEEP cleansing” the Sea Breeze felt.  I almost dumped out the whole bottle right there on the spot.  I still had a little bit of Burt’s Bees left in my bottle…right?  Maybe if I was conservative, I could eek it through until my next bottle arrived from amazon.

And then I got daring.  A night or two later, the glistening little bottle of Sea Breeze gave me a classic stare when I was washing my face.  It was mocking me.  It was asking me how come so many people liked Sea Breeze, and yet I couldn’t handle it.  It told me I had kind of overreacted with the whole “tingling” sensation and that a lot of toners do that, hence the word “astringent.”  Finally, my Sea Breeze bottle took the ultimate stab…the last-chance hurrah that it knew would be my downfall…my Achilles’ heel.  It mouthed the word “money” to me.

That was it.  I knew I couldn’t dump out an entire brand-new bottle of toner.  Not after one try.  So I meekly soaked a cotton pad of it and delicately dabbed it on my face like it was poisonous. Not that I would put my poison on my face.  But if I had to, I would dab.  Tingle.  Minty.  Tingle.  My face was cleansed in an extremely obvious way.  And I had survived.

Since I made it out alive, I decided to work the Sea Breeze into my skincare routine until I had finished the bottle.  I couldn’t stand it twice a day…but maybe once at night?  I could always revitalize my face with the Burt’s Bees toner in the morning, right?  Well, the more I gave Sea Breeze a try, the more it worked for me.  And then one day, the truth hit home.

I had washed my face clean with my Oil of Olay washcloth (the dry kind that has soap already dried into it, and you just have to get it wet to turn it into a soapy little bath for your face).  I had been wearing a full face of makeup…which for me includes primer, foundation, and bronzer.  I used my cotton pad soaked in Sea Breeze, and to my horror, pulled off another face-full of makeup.  How did I miss all that makeup with Olay washcloth?  Those had never let me down!  And my Mary Kay toner never pulled up that much makeup.   And my *gasp* Burt’s Bees never pulled up that much makeup.  I thought maybe it was a fluke.  Maybe I hadn’t washed my face as well as I thought I had.  But, the proof was in the pudding.  Night after night, it continued to pull makeup out of my skin after I had well-washed the makeup off.  I tried it in the morning, when I hadn’t had makeup on my face for hours.  It still pulled dirt from skin…dirt that I have no idea how I got because ALL I HAD BEEN DOING WAS SLEEPING.  The Sea Breeze is a deep cleanser, I concluded.  Wow.

So…which wins the spot in my beauty drawer?…my silky herbal Burt’s Bees, or my deep cleansing, tingly Sea Breeze?  To be honest, I keep both in my drawer.  The Burt’s Bees is too gentle not to keep; it’s just so luxurious.  But now that I know how clean the Sea Breeze gets my skin, I can’t turn my back on it.  So I like using Sea Breeze when I want to feel fresh and clean clean clean, but I use Burt’s Bees when I just want to rub a gentle and moist cotton pad on my face after washing it.

Which one should you buy?  It all depends on why you use toner in the first place!  Let me know in the comments below what toner does for you, and what your favorite brand is.



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