Radiance Cream


My new all-time favorite way to moisturize.  I simply love the Burt’s Bees line of skincare. So it was a no-brainer when my Mary Kay Botanical Effects moisturizer was running low that I would give Burt’s Bees a try.  I picked up their Radiance night cream with royal jelly because I already knew I liked their radiance line.  Let me tell you, this cream did NOT disappoint.

I love the ingredients list.  Burt’s Bees flaunts the naturalness of their line, and with good reason.  They use Bee pollen and Shea Butter in this cream, so all the moisture you’re getting is from a natural source.  The cream is overflowing with extracts: wild cherry bark extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, spearmint extract, lemon peel extract, cucumber fruit extract, rosemary leaf extract and sage leaf extract…just to name a few.  That gentle smell of butter and honey is a natural smell, which often can make a skin product good for sensitive skin.

I love that it has royal jelly in it.  The whole “secret” behind the royal jelly is that it is the food that the worker bees feed to the queen bee.  So, it’s the good stuff of the hive.  And what’s more, the queen bee lives 40x longer than the rest of the bees, and she is usually twice their size.  So royal jelly is nourishing.  The plumping effect and anti-aging properties that it offers the queen bee are basically transferred to your skin when you use it.  That’s why it’s called “radiance” cream…because your skin looks fuller and younger.

And yes it does.  The first night I put this on, I was struck with how luxurious and buttery the texture was.  And unlike most heavy creams, I felt like this dried nicely on my skin without leaving me feeling greasy.  When I woke up the next morning, I was visibly more radiant.  I was BLOWN AWAY with how the royal jelly made my skin feel.  I felt like I glowed.  My skin was moist and full…it was everything I could have asked a moisturizer to do to me.

Now, this is technically a night cream.  And truthfully, it is heavier than your average moisturizer.  However, it’s not so heavy that I don’t put it on in the morning.  I like wearing it throughout the day because it is extremely moisturizing.  It feels good on my skin, and makes it feel radiant, not oily.  I especially like wearing it under my makeup.  However, if you really struggle with oil, or you hate the feel of a moist face, then you might want to try the day cream.

This post was not in any way sponsored by Burt’s Bees…only inspired by them because I LOVE their products.  I have to say that this night cream is one of my very favorites from their skincare line.  What’s your favorite moisturizer?


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