My Eyelash Secret



I have three steps that I take in order to make my eyelashes look just how I want them.  The first, a killer mascara.  The second, a hefty amount of coats.  And last…my eyelash secret serum.

I first found out about an eyelash growth serum during my quest for how-to-use-coconut-oil-in-my-beauty-routine.  We all went on that at one time or another, right?  Only me?  Okay.  I’m usually late to the party.  I was watching a youtube video from the beauty guru Carli Bybel and she mentioned that she used the following recipe as an eyelash/eyebrow serum.  I liked the idea, tried out the recipe, watched in amazement as my eyelashes grew 3 feet longer, and batted them a lot more often.  Read and learn and try.  You have to.

You will need:

Avocado Oil


Castor Oil


And of course…who else but Coconut Oil himself.


The Secret Serum Recipe

  1.  Place your coconut oil in a warm and sunny place, but not the microwave. 🙂  Once you get 1oz., pour it into a small plastic jar (I like using travel lotion bottles).
  2. Pour 1oz. of castor oil into the same little bottle.
  3. Add 7 drops of avocado oil into the bottle.
  4. Mix by shaking vigorously.
  5. Clean and wipe dry an old mascara brush.
  6. Dip the brush into your bottle of serum, and stroke onto your (bare) eyelashes the way you would apply mascara.
  7. Repeat every night for one week to see results.

And you will SEE those results!  Your eyelashes will be longer, definitely thicker, and your mascara will apply more dramatically.  If you do this for weeks and weeks in a row, you eventually just reach a “healthy” point where your eyelashes are as long and thick as they are going to be for a while.  I usually don’t use the serum for weeks on end, because your eyelashes don’t really need it.  I recommend doing it for two weeks straight, then taking a week off, then doing it for a week, and just rotating it into your nighttime beauty routine every other week.

N.B. It is 100% healthy and will not cause damage to your lashes, eyeballs, or skin around your eyes.

Give this a try and comment how you liked it!!


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