5 Tips for Feeling Energetic

Have a long list of things to-do but absolutely zero motivation?  Oops did I just reveal something about my day? 🙂  When I need to get stuff done, but don’t really want to, these are my 5 tips for getting that energy pumping.  (And as silly as they sound, I really do them and they work for me).

  1. I put my hair up.  It’s 30ish inches long, and I feel comfy and relaxed with it down.  When it’s up, I mean business.  My roommates and I used to joke that they could “sense” how busy our class schedule was just by popping into my room and seeing that my hair was up.  Time to get homework done.
  2. I put on a fresh beat.  Even though classical music is my favorite, if I need to get something done I put on an upbeat playlist of songs that make me want to dance.  For some reason, wanting to dance = getting things done.  (Word of caution: if what you need to get done is something that requires you to think–i.e. HOMEWORK–then I recommend classical music or maybe silence. Sorry.)
  3. I pour a class of coffee.  In all honestly, I’m immune to caffeine.  But it’s the hot and sweet sip from coffee that gets me going.  I highly recommend this, or some other yummy beverage that will make the job easier. (Not alcohol guys.)
  4. I write down what it is that I want to get done, because honestly it’s just an innate human response to get satisfaction out of crossing things off the list.
  5. I plan a reward.  Whether it’s another cup of coffee (only kinda kidding) or a relaxing half-hour of browsing pinterest in my freshly vacuumed house, I make sure there is a silver light at the end of the tunnel.  Or is it a silver lining? 🙂  You get it.

What do you do to motivate yourself?


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