Blog Resolutions

In keeping with my current blog post theme this year–namely 2016 and resolutions, I thought I’d make some blog resolutions.  I want to make them public because I’ve heard that helps with accountability (sometimes, haha, but when you’re phlegmatic like me, sometimes nothing can save you lol).  But also, I want to make them public because they affect my readers and ultimately my blog.

1.  Less might be more.  I want to write less articles once my one-month challenge is up.  Even though coming up with a daily post is a fun challenge, I want my articles to pack more punch and be even more thoughtful and well-constructed.  I think that means keeping a draft around for a day or two, instead of hitting the ‘publish’ button minutes after writing a post.

2.  Involve Pinterest.  (Yes, Pinterest might be a totally cliche resolution considering Pinterest is probably the center of many 2016 dream projects. But I had to save myself with something predictable considering that my list of resolutions started out with doing less.haha)  I want to involve Pinterest in my blog.  Should I tell you how or should I let you wait and see?

3.  Photos.  I am not a photographer, but I really want to make a lot of photos happen on this blog.  I love blogs with photos and so I need to make that a definite characteristic of my blog.

4.  Improve my blog-writing skills.  I’m an English major, so maybe you’d think I’d have the hang of this.  But yeah, no.  Writing a blog post is nothing like writing a paper, even though I make it sound like it.  I get waaaaay too much on thesis-chapter-mode when I write and I overcomplicate my sentences with excess punctuation and clauses.  I need to get a better grip on article-style writing.  That’s feedback that I’ve personally received from an editor, and what I’ve noticed on my own blog thus far.  At least I know what I don’t know…right?…or do I lose credit for recognizing that? haha

5.  Increase readership.  I know this is probably the goal of every blogger, but uhh…hey, can I join the ranks? 🙂 I’m grateful for every ‘click’ and page read!  And any more I can earn this year would make me feel like my blog is that much brighter and fulfilling of a project.

I’m leaving it there for now!  There are obviously many more things I can think of to improve my blog, and definitely things I want to accomplish with it.  But I want to take this whole blog-thing slowly and enjoy the process without making it a major stress.  So, baby steps.  🙂  Only 5 resolutions…but definitely some dreams in the back of my mind.  So stay tuned for some improvements and fun!



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