5 Ways to Instantly Feel Beautiful

Do you ever walk by the mirror and surprise yourself with a more-than-expectedly-disheleved appearance?  This sometimes happens routinely.  🙂  I remember how I did my makeup, but I forget that my hair was in that nursing-topknot and crying/laughing watching youtube videos washed said-makeup down the corners of my eyes. I look in the mirror.  SURPRISE.

Then comes the scramble when I take the clips out of my topknot and begin dabbing the corners of my fallen mascara away.  It’s an easy fix, and I look like how I meant to again.  Not a crisis.

But then there are those days that ARE a crisis.  It doesn’t matter how you did your makeup, and even though your topknot is cute-in-a-messy-way to everyone else, it doesn’t look cute to you.  And THAT t-shirt…now you’re just not feeling pretty.

STOP. Don’t doubt your beauty.  Just stop and do a few things to remind yourself how beautiful you are.  And honestly, feeling beautiful is more than half the battle.

  1. Pour yourself a glass of ice water.  Take a long, deep sip of ice cold water and let it run through your body.  Water makes you feel (and look) slimmer, and will boost your mood while lowering your appetite.
  2. Change your hair.  If it’s down, put it up.  If it’s up, let it down.  The opposite of what you currently have going on will make you feel like you did something nice to yourself in just a matter of seconds.
  3. Make sure what you’re wearing fits.  If your t-shirt is comfy but just waaaaaay too baggy on the sleeves, pop on something else.  Whenever I feel less-than-good, clothing is almost always the culprit.
  4. Put on a few touches of makeup, (and that DEFINITELY includes perfume).  It doesn’t have to be a ton, it can be as simple as moisturizer and lip balm.  But put something on your face that makes it feel softer, more luxurious, and if you’re feeling up to it…highlighted.  Some dark kohl liner under your eyes, or some long sweeps of mascara to your eyelashes can be enough to pop a feature and make you feel good.
  5. Do 1 thing you need to do.  This isn’t totally beauty related.  But oddly enough, it will make you feel better.  Sometimes feeling successful is trait we associate with beauty–because beauty makes us feel good and put-together, and getting something done does the same thing.  Related?  I think so.  For some reason, you feel incredibly amazing, sipping that cold water with your hair in a newly done ponytail, with a good fitting tee and some bold mascara while sending THAT ONE EMAIL that you’ve been putting off.


Feel more beautiful?  Me too!