My Better-half

This is just a short note written after a long day.  But I’m dedicating it to my husband.  It’s late and we’ve been doing a lot today–mostly just dates and fun things.  But still, we’ve been out all day.  And now our little newborn is sleepy and feeling needy and there’s definitely no way we can go out to the store to pick up milk. But there’s also definitely no way I can go to sleep without having a little bit of cereal.  (We stay up late…and nursing totally drains your calorie supply).  And tomorrow, that’s going to need to happen too.

So my husband lovingly goes out to get milk for us.  I could write post after post about how fun our dates are and how much they mean to me.  But for now I just want to thank him for doing this little thing, and ten million other little things for me each and every day.  Tonight it’s milk, but it’s going to be something else tomorrow.  And aside from how sweet it is, it made me think of something else.  Do I do little things for him throughout the day?  Just like he is “taking one for the home team” (as we always say) to do something for me, am I always there doing that for him in return?

How often are we “that person” who is always going that extra step to make someone we love happy?

I can do it more often, every day!


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