5 Reasons to Humidify


I used to think humidifiers were only for treating a cold.  As a child I recall seeing the family humidifier only make an appearance when one of the kids came down with a cold.  It certainly holds true that a humidifier can help with illness!  But lately I have discovered other reasons why humidifying is worthwhile.

1)  Beauty rest.  Nothing restores beauty to the skin like moisture.  If you would like to wake up feeling fresher and looking a little younger, run a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep.  It will prevent the air from drying out your skin, which gives skin a more worn (or aged) appearance.  Supple, moist skin is always a plus!

2)  Money saver.  It saves you money in the long-run because any skin moisturizers you use (and those can get expensive) will last longer on your skin and be more effective because they weren’t dried up as much during the night.  You won’t have to re-lather as much in the morning when you wake up moisturized!

3)  Money saver x2.  It will actually save your heating bill, because moist air retains warm temperature better than dry air.  You won’t have to run the heat as much because your house (or the room you run the humidifier in) will feel warmer, and stay warmer.

4)  Sore throat prevention.  Ever hate waking up that first “cold week” of the winter with a sore throat?  Running the heat in the house for the first week can often yield sore throats.  But moistening that dry warm air with a humidifier can turn your room from desert to spa!

5)  Soother.  Some humidifiers have a gentle humming sound that is very pleasant to fall asleep to.  It hushes the room in its own little way and can provide a teeny bit of ambiance (STRONGLY DEPENDING ON THE HUMIDIFIER,lol.  Word of warning: not all humidifiers are created equal.  Like our first humidifier…that doubled as a mold farm.  CHOOSE WISELY).  Our current model, the one pictured, is a dream!:)

Do you like using one?


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