Natural Makeup Remover


Meet your one ingredient makeup remover…which just so happens to be natural as well!:)  Virgin Coconut Oil is a wonderful agent for removing makeup–especially the pesky mascara residue that survives soap, water, and moist facial wipes.  Its gentle on the skin, tough on makeup, and moisturizes while removing product, something that very few cleansers can claim!

I prefer to get organic oil, since I’m putting it on my face.  It is also recommended to use cold pressed if possible.  The oil in my picture is actually expressed with medium heat, not cold, but I couldn’t take a picture of my cold-pressed because it is so well-loved.:)

The process for using this for makeup removal is simple.  You put a small amount on your finger tips and then apply it over your face and eyes, depending on where you put your makeup.  If your coconut oil is in its solid state (it just depends on the temperature of where you store it) then you will need to rub it between your fingers or in the palm of one of your hands to liquify it.  It’s not that the solid state of coconut oil isn’t good enough to do the job, but it wouldn’t be as comfortable to rub on your face if the coconut oil is beady and course.  (But I guess that would make it triple as a cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliant!)  Then simply take a warm, wet washcloth and wipe the coconut oil and makeup off your face.     Very simple, natural, and effective!

Why does it work?  As makeup hero Kandee Johnson says, “Like removes like.”  The oils of your makeup (and your face) get uprooted by a new oil on them.  The coconut oil replaces your face oils (in a good way) and the oily makeup as well.  So rather than try to strip the oils away with cleansers and astringents, the coconut oil naturally dissolves your dirty ones and replaces them with a clean and nourishing oil for your skin.

        No, it won’t give you acne.  In fact, it will help fight it!  Don’t underestimate the power (or effect!) of replacing your face oils the way coconut oil does.  Your skin needs oil and produces it.  So when you use a cleanser that effectively strips away all the oil on your face, your skin senses the lack of oil and produces more.  Ummm…not always exactly what we want our skin to do. But by dissolving the oils on your face with an oil, the face on your skin doesn’t need to produce more acne-inducing oils.

      A bonus benefit: using this to remove eye makeup will also condition your eyebrows and lashes.  No more losing your lashes to mascara and the damaging process of removing it!  Coconut oil acts like a hair conditioner and strengthens, thickens, and lengthens your lashes.  More on that point later….!:)

I’ve heard that other oils can be successful cleansers as well.  I haven’t tried them myself, because I love the properties of coconut oil: the smell, consistency, color, and nutrient density.  But I would be open to experimentation!  Which oil do you like?