Makeup on Paper

In a world of “beauty gurus” and Youtube profiles, it seems that talking about makeup on paper (or on written screen…basically on my blog lol) would seem pointless.  But I feel differently about that.  I can’t tell you how many times I have enjoyed a guru’s video, and even written down products that they recommend (because that’s totally normal…right?) only to forget something and find myself in the dark.  I can’t remember what video I was watching when they said it….was it a haul or a GRWM?  If I’m lucky enough to remember the video, what part of the video did they say it?  Do I have to watch the whole video again?  Completely in the dark.

But if the gurus wrote down what they thought of a product, or what their best beauty hacks were, or whatever information it was that they were sharing, I would have reliable and easy access to their wisdom.  I could google their name and the product and have a much better shot at rediscovering that information than if I search all of Youtube for a specific video I can’t remember.

Makeup on paper has its limitations.  A step-by-step tutorial would be a lot harder to follow just by reading the steps instead of watching someone do it in a video.  And GRWM videos wouldn’t even be a possibility.  But lookbooks, inspirations, product reviews, and hauls (to some extent!) are completely compatible with a blog format.  And as I said before, it might even be more helpful in some cases.  SOME CASES.:)

So….ignoring the fact that I’m technically not a beauty guru…lookout for some makeup reviews and chatter because it will be coming soon!